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Our Bitches

IIna vom Haus Targa in Nyrvana (The Silver Machine)


The star in our sky, Ina is the epitome of working ability, with speed, power, nerve and focus to die for, she is no flash in the pan, she is purpose bred to reproduce her sterling qualities.  

Nyrvana Xoticana (Abbi)


Abbi is a real firecracker, sparking with drive and a good prey/defence balance, excellent natural biddability and social with people and dogs.

Nyrvana Past Dreams (Dusky)


Dusky is a very kind natured, homely girl, placid and easygoing, social with people and dogs, she is not a guard dog and loves a lazy life.  She is the perfect companion dog.

Queen of Pasco in Nyrvana (Spirit)


Spirit is a serious bitch, totally loyal to her family, but no interest in socialising with others. Bright and intelligent, loves to search and retrieve, very developed defence.  Perfect working dog for the real world.

Kazeti Aqua in Nyrvana (Rumour)


Rumour is our “dizzy blonde”, totally happy go lucky, full of fun, affectionate and social.  She is a very large and glamorous girl.

Nyrvana Kilo (Kilo)


Kilo is a happy girl, social with people and dogs, very quick to learn and balanced in drive

Retired Bitches

Vomhausnye Quartz (Quartz)


Linda Cerny Obelisk in Nyrvana (Binda)


Ashley zet Eurosportu in Nyrvana (Ashley)


Esa von Buren (Esa)


Dunja vom Andi (Dunja)


Mail: kaffirdog@yahoo.com