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We sometimes have dogs for sale, please take a look: (Please click on a photo for a bigger image)

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Nyrvana “B” Litter. Three  pure working line females available, two normal coat sable and one heavy coated black.  Bred  for mental and physical soundness, high trainability and natural working ability.  Should make excellent training prospects or active family companions. Tammy’s  last litter were superb and two yearlings can be seen here. Vaccinated, tattooed, insured and KC registered (endorsed).  Price £800

Born 20th October 2014.

Sire Nyrvana Jumpin’ Jack Flash BH Pass  (Lord Byron)  Very balanced dog, excellent hip and elbow scores, social with people, children and animals, naturally biddable and a brilliant home protector. Very old breeding. Lord Byron had a good track record for producing sound offspring including police dogs.



Dam Lakatamia Tammy. Fantastic girl, full of fun, but level headed and naturally biddable. Excellent hip and elbow scores, social with people, children and other animals.  Her last litter were superb and two can be seen here.



Best Jenny.JPG Best Bryony.JPG Best Blackie.JPG

ROCCO.  Son of Jerry Lee, seven years old.  

Good home needed due to change in owners circumstances.  Here is an appraisal of him from his owner.  Please contact me in the first instance and I will put you in touch.

so let me sum up:

handsome dog (unneutered)

excellent temperament

he's a one person dog but I think all dogs need one boss

Rocco hates cats and will chase/will chase birds

excellent with kids/people  (mine are 7/10)

very fit for 7 yrs

will bark at dogs when he's on a lead

will bark when behind a fence at other dogs

never bitten anyone since I've had him

I'd say more confident than aggressive (will rush up and bark but never had a full blown fight)

gets on with dogs after the initial meet

good eater has 2 meals a day and never titbits

has mostly raw diet and compared to other dogs his age seems very fit

very alert when outside in garden very aloof when on lead, its as if he's always looking for something (I wonder if he did some low level security work? oh just in his breeding)

gets excited when going in a van

but barks at dogs on lead not people

he wants to work, if I unload my pick up he will carry logs all day

excellent recall and retrieve ( I can throw a ball in the field open the gate and he will find it)

he loves a fuss/walk/play and will go in water to retrieve

strong on lead but I found a harness he doesn't pull

lays by the back door and never creates or whines to come in lounge

but saying that he'd happily lay by fire if you let him!!

oh did I say loves his walks!!

I'm looking for someone who's home a lot (home worker/retired) family or 1 person

needs plenty of room but also stimulation

he'd be fine with a female dog/poss a male if placid

I'd need too check them

I'm in no hurry as has to be right home

I'd have Rocco if they went on holiday

Rocco Ball.JPG Rocco roof.JPG Rocco Sit.JPG