Nyrvana Petr (Oliver) – View on Pedigree Database

Solid black longcoat, full of character and power. Highly intelligent and trainable, loves to live life to the full. Hip score 6.

Nyrvana Fireblade (Angus) – View on Pedigree Database

Handsome dark sable, very athletic and a wonderful working dog. Has BH pass and now retired. Hip score 11.

Nyrvana Unchained Melody (Catweazle) – View on Pedigree Database

The last son of Nyrvana Moody Blues, Catweazle is a large, immensely powerful dog and is our household guardian. With him on the case, we simply do not need any other protection.

Nyrvana Aeolian Strike (Strike). – View on Pedigree Database

Strike is a handsome, extremely athletic dog with a versatile attitude, preferring agility and nosework over Obedience any day and very spectacular in protection work.

Nyrvana Lost Horizon (Damain) BH Pass – View on Pedigree Database

This fella is drive personified, I have never met a dog so eager to tackle everything life has to offer and more! The only time he slows down is when he is tracking. Very fast and precise obedience, strong bitework and spectacular long attack, this dogs only limit is his handler.

Nyrvana Jumpin’ Jack Flash (Byron) BH Pass – View on Pedigree Database

Byron is a handsome charmer of the old school, a dog in total balance with the world, from very old breeding that is unlikely to be found so close up anywhere else, an asset to anyone wanting to preserve the old fashioned working dog which is rapidly being washed away in the tide of modern high drive Sports dogs.

Waiting in the wings is Nyrvana Walk on The Wild Side (Severus) – View on Pedigree Database

Son of Oliver and Esa, he will hopefully be following in his fathers pawprints. His temperament is superb, absolutely bombproof, social and full of fun without being over the top, the epitome of balance.

Immor von den Zwillingen in Nyrvana DoB 14th August 2011 – View on Pedigree Database

Now in the UK! Immor is the total package, social with people and animals, confident, intelligent, willing and full of fun with the looks of a film star. Shown once in Germany, he was graded SG1, winning his class and, as time allows, will be continuing his winning ways here in the UK. His star studded pedigree speaks for itself and his sound hip background is reflected in his own A Normal hip and elbow ratings. I am very fortunate to have been able to obtain such a quality dog and look forward to training him. He is confidently offered at stud to approved bitches.


Retired Males

Lakatamia Ninja HOT Sch H II (Digger) – View on Pedigree Database

One of The Management and very much the Guv’nor. Powerful and determined, with a crushing full grip, fanatically loyal, he’s much more than a sports dog, they just don’t make them like this any more. Definitely not one for the faint hearted! Hip score 13.

Digger went to Rainbow Bridge in January 2012, a legend in his own lifetime.

Lakatamia Noris in Nyrvana HOT Sch H I (Digby) – View on Pedigree Database

The other half of The Management and the clown of the pair. Digby is clever, comical and sociable, but still a very determined guard if required. His legacy of offspring have proved to be very balanced and make excellent active companions as well as working dogs. Hip score 10.

Kobold von Karthago in Nyrvana BH Pass (Kobold) – View on Pedigree Database

Impressive dark sable from one of the most famous working dog kennels in the world, a heritage reflected in his powerful physique, balanced drives and superb temperament.

Now retired with his favourite lady friend and living as a companion with our friends Graham and Janet.

Dark vom Roten Milan BH Pass – View on Pedigree Database

Rather the odd man out as he is a Belgian Shepherd (Malinois). Dark is a formidable dog, level headed and very strong mentally, no handler aggression and very affectionate and playful with those he trusts. Definitely not a Sports dog, this fella is for real. Originally imported as a Personal Protection dog by Keltic Kennels, he chose his own friends and path in life and is now retired here.